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TEAM Smalle

Héctor Martín


Héctor leads Smalle Technologies. He studied physics because he wanted to understand why things happen. He worked in the financial sector for 8 years as it represented a big challenge for him. He decided to start Smalle to have a positive impact in society. Héctor likes spending time with his family and friends, reading books and playing basketball.

Rubén Carballo

Design Manager

Rubén is Development Engineer and Co-Founder of Smalle Technologies. He designs and validates the mechanical prototypes. He has worked in R&D in the field of renewable energies as Project Engineer for some years. He is passionate about music and plays the drums.

Miguel J Aranda

R&D Director

Miguel holds a PhD in physics, leads the R&D at the company and is an expert in electromagnetics. In his free time he barely goes to the gym, but enjoys watching films and reading science fiction books.

Javier García

Sales Manager

Javier is a R&D Engineer at Smalle, he is passionate about electronics and has worked as teacher and researcher at UPC Barcelona. He also was team manager of R&D at Fungilab. He has broad experience with sensors, transducers, energy harvesting and embedded systems.

Carlos Jordà

Operations Manager

Carlos is an applied phisicist and researcher in Smalle. Impassioned of making things work and with particular interest in instruments that observe, measure and store data. He likes photography and books.

The story

    • 2017

      Jul - SME Instrument H2020 Phase II granted
      Apr - BeForcis field test in a fish farm
      Mar - Crowdfunding financial round successfully closed

    • 2016

      Dec - First deployment of BeForcis in a fish farm
      - Field test in Puertos del Estado buoy in Menorca
      Jun - SME Instrument H2020 Phase I granted
      Mar - Field test in the port of Barcelona

    • 2015

      Oct - Field test in Puertos del Estado buoy in Menorca
      Jun - ENISA loan granted
      Apr - Smalle attended to Ocean Business fair in Southampton, UK
      Jan - Second financial round successfully closed

    • 2014

      Oct - Second field test with good results
      Jun - First field test in the port of Barcelona
      May - Smalle attended to the IALA-AISM fair in La Coruña, Spain

    • 2013

      Nov - Finalist of the EIT awards in Budapest, Hungary
      Jul - Accepted in acceleration program the Fondo de Emprendedores of Fundación REPSOL
      Jul - KIC InnoEnergy becomes a shareholder of Smalle
      Jun - First financial round successfully closed
      Mar - CDTI loan approved
      Jan - KIC InnoEnergy signs agreement to incubate Smalle

    • 2012

      Jul - Smalle was established as a company
      Jun - Winner of EcoEmprendedor XXI
      Apr - Winner of EmprendeGO prize

Mission, vision & values

Smalle Technologies develops new methods of responsibly using renewable and sustainable energy sources to power off-grid devices. We offer reliable, high-quality and cost-effective products supported by extensive R&D. We want to reduce the carbon footprint of electricity production having a positive impact on the environment.

data buoys

We envision a carbon neutral global energy system that provides clean cost-effective energy worldwide. We want to develop the technology to make this possible.


Responsibility For our customers and users, as well with society, economy and environment through our R&D
Integrity In our work and between the team
Compromise With customers, team and society
Passion, honesty and optimism Looking for excellence in our day-to-day activities